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"James has been an incredibly positive influence in my life. When COVID lockdowns began, I took a downward turn in my fitness level. Over time, my desire to get back into it slipped away. The past two months, James has not only created a customized workout plan that has eased me back into training, but has checked in regularly and kept the encouragement high through the whole program." 

Strength Training


1-on-1 training customized to help you get from "stuck" to "successful!" 


Group sessions are considered to be 2+ people seeking to have a competitive challenge to amp up their workouts! Ideal for friends, co-workers, church groups, team building activities or any combination imaginable! 


Private Session

A 60-minute power + vinyasa class flowing through foundational poses to bring vitality into your everyday life and accessible to all levels! 

Yoga with Friends

Yoga with friends is considered to be 2+ people flowing together to invigorate the practice! Ideal for friends, co-workers, church groups, team building activities or any Zoom gathering! 

Mix It Up!

HIIT + Yoga

Spice things up by trying a body weight High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout with yoga. This approach guarantees to maximize your time strength building and recovery at the same DAMN time! 



The body can be used as an instrument to express personal power for positive change in the world around us...

-Baron Baptiste

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You don't have to be great to start, BUT you do have to start to be great 


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